What is My Fitness Kitchen?

My Fitness Kitchen® is a weight management center that also has a fitness center connected to it.

Each membership is supported with program personalization and on-going accountability.

Whether looking to lose weight, maintain current weight or even gain weight it starts with how you fuel your body then supported by how you move – thus why My Fitness Kitchen®.

My Fitness Kitchen® program personalization begins with an individualized metabolic nutritional formula and exercise game plan.

Nutrition programs are tailored around YOUR FOODS on YOUR TERMS for YOUR RESULTS requiring no special foods, pills or diets.

All programs account for varying fitness level/experience, availability, limitations, age and goals to make sure not to put a square peg in a round hole as how most “cookie-cutter” programs do.

The My Fitness Kitchen® personalization continues with weekly accountability check-ups to assist in making sure the program continues on pace with the targeted goals.

In addition to the above personalization, My Fitness Kitchen® offers the most advanced technology including specialized weight loss exercise equipment, daily activity monitoring, and evidence-based nutritional and exercise programming for the most safe and effective RESULTS!

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