30-Day Weight Loss Jump Start

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With our 30-Day Weight Loss Jump Start we will provide you with a completely personalized program in regards to both nutrition and exercise. You will also receive daily coaching to keep you honest and accountable to yourself and your program.

In addition, we have the ability and technology necessary to measure your metabolism and adjust your personalized nutritional formula on a daily basis if needed.

You receive a customized step-by-step nutrition plan with eight optional meal plans and a recipe guide designed to burn even more fat while you maintain your nutritional formula as created by My Fitness Kitchen.

The 30-Day Weight Loss Jump Start program also comes with a personalized exercise program that we call ExRx. We tailor this program to your fitness level, experience, and any limitations you may have. You will then have a weekly training session which can help with your technique and challenge the intensity of your workouts as your fitness improves. As an added bonus, you get unlimited access to our Group Personal Training sessions to maximize your daily caloric burn. These sessions complement your weekly scheduled training sessions.

You will also have Simple Access membership to My Fitness Kitchen. With this membership, you can utilize all fitness options that we have to offer, including the area’s only weight loss equipment and group exercise classes as well as what is recommended in your weight loss program.

The 30-Day Weight Loss Jump Start program comes with a 100% money back guarantee with no obligation beyond the 30-day initial program.