Lately it seems like activity trackers are the newest trend in fashion accessories because everywhere you look people have them on wristbands, clipped in their pockets, or tied to their shoes. For a business in the weight loss and fitness industry it is an exciting thing because it shows that people are interested in tracking their everyday activity. However there are currently two big problems with this.

  • First, people don’t necessarily know how to use the information that their trackers are providing them with,
  • Secondly the market is saturated with products that are not reliable or consistent.

My Fitness Kitchen is able to provide accurate data and accountability of calories in versus calories out with or without an activity tracker to eliminate any guesswork. Therefore, if you do not have the capabilities of utilizing technology, we can still customize your program to your body without a problem.

With this being said, the trackers do give us a fixed variable in the weight loss equation which allows us to zero in on your nutritional habits. This is why we do utilize the technology when it is possible, and our computer software is currently compatible with following technology tracking devices:

  • fitbit
  • myfitness pal
  • up
  • microsoft band
  • withings
  • nike

For the time being, although we are compatible with all the above we support the Fitbit brand because after reviewing research and conducting a miniature scale study of our own we concluded that it was the most accurate affordable option. This is where we will stand until something better emerges, or new information says otherwise.

Now you may be wondering why an activity tracker is important or why a gym would care enough to conduct their own research on a widely utilized option. We recognize they a significantly useful tool especially in the realm of weight loss; WHEN USED CORRECTLY.

Most devices allow us to see your daily activity levels, your normal calorie expenditure, and an approximation to the amount of steps you take each day. As you will come to understand, weight loss is a science based on calories consumed versus calories expended. If we can have a fairly accurate representation of the amount of calories a person burns each day, we can more effectively coach their eating habits to meet the demands of their activity relative to whatever weight management or body transformation goal an individual may have.