Easy Nutrition Tips From My Fitness Kitchen For Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we all make resolutions to get fit and slim down. What’s going to make it happen this year though? Well, how about making a few easy healthy eating resolutions that you can stick to and ease yourself into new lifestyle.


–          Weigh or measure your cereal instead of judging by eye. You might be surprised                   of how much you’re eating versus the true serving size. If you cut down on the                       quantity gradually you probably won’t notice, but your waistline will.

–          Use lower calorie milk than usual on your cereal and in your tea or coffee. Just                       changing from whole milk to 2% or skim will save a ton of calories with little                           difference in taste.


–           Substitute your daily sandwich for a bowl of hearty vegetable soup and a crusty roll.              Not only will it undoubtedly be lower in calories (a homemade vegetable non                          creamy soup is ideal), but soups have also been proven to fill you up for longer and                be more satisfying than the same calories consumed in solid food.

–           If you drink soda at lunch, stop. Or if that’s not possible, swap your calorie-laden                    soda for a diet one. An alternative is half a fresh lemon squeezed into fizzy water.                 Try it, you might like it.


This is where most people struggle to keep to their diet resolutions, but why let a whole days ‘good behavior’ go to waste in the few hours before bed?

–          Try not to ‘pick’ and ‘taste’ dinner whilst cooking and before it’s on your plate, you’ll             end up eating twice as much.

–          Exercise the same element of portion control as at breakfast. If you normally fill                     your plate, put a little less on. You’ll barely notice.

–          Keep alcohol to one, or at most two, nights a week. Savor a good glass of wine rather             than drinking as much as you can.

The biggest diet resolution you can make however, is to eat consciously. Eat everything, including snacks, from a plate and preferably at a table. Don’t read, or watch the TV whilst you are eating, but eat consciously and savor every bite. By doing this you might just find you’re full before the plate is empty.

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