How to Give Your Metabolism a Jumpstart

jumpstart for your metabolismYour metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. Some people naturally have a slower metabolism than others, but you can rev it up—and jumpstart your weight loss.

Our metabolism is affected by a wide variety of factors including genetics, heredity, and level of physical activity. Obviously some of these factors are thing we can’t change…but we do control our level of physical activity!

Lean tissues (that is, organs and muscles) burn over four times more calories per pound per day than fat does. So the higher your body’s muscle content, the more calories your body will burn all day long—even when you’re not exercising! After all, your body only burns off about 25% of the calories you consume for physical activity; the vast majority are used for regular functions we don’t even think about, like digestion, breathing, blood circulation, even thinking.

This means the best way to increase your metabolism is to build lean muscle. A strength training program is the best way to do this, so talk to a personal trainer about your fitness routine. Over time, your body will contain less fat and more muscle, so you lose weight due to exercise AND increased metabolism.

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