Importance of Core Training

core trainingLeaving athletes aside, core training is increasingly becoming a crucial part of our workout regime. However it is highly recommended to perform these exercises under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer as it is essential to perform the right exercise at the right time to enhance overall strength of the body.

Core training helps in building stamina, improving the posture, strengthening the abs and back, enhancing of flexibility and it also stimulates breathing. The focus of core training is on the hips, abs, pelvic and lower back area and some basic core exercises include crunches, oblique crossing, back extension with ball, push ups, sit ups, squats and butt lifts.

Having a strong core provides a sturdy foundation for the entire body and improves motor control of the body.  It also aids in reducing muscular imbalances by improving coordination between the back, hips and abdomen, so that they function together and a balance is maintained.  In layman’s language it helps in performing day to day tasks with much greater ease since it brings about increased stability and flexibility.

A weak core can lead to muscle pain which can result in back problems, wherein  a strong core helps in reducing injuries from neck to knees, and acts as a miracle for athletes for enhancing their performance. However, personal trainers should align the core training program with the individual needs of the exerciser to reduce the risk of injury and ensure that progressive results. You can make core training a part of your workout program by initially including push ups and crunches to start, and ask your personal trainer to design a routine to include other exercises that would work best for you.

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