Personal Trainer: Quick and Effective Cross-Fit Workouts

crossfit workoutThe movement towards crossfit training is huge, and each  personal trainer may incorporate some small piece of it into their plan. The idea is that crossfit training doesn’t specialize, and it provides real life fitness skills. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a policeman,or on a military special operations unit, these workouts provide you with the skills you need for great weight loss and toning.

They all depend on how much you put into them, though. When you are on the go, it can be hard to fit in a workout, or if you depend on a gym, you might not know what to do without the specialized equipment. With just a few clicks of your mouse and strokes of the keyboard, you can find hundreds of quick cross-fit workouts that will benefit your body, and you can do them on the go. If you’re running short on time, or you don’t have all the equipment you need, try one of these quick workouts.Remember, the goal is high intensity.

  1. Running. Many cross-fit workouts involve running when you don’t have easy access to equipment from our personal trainer. Try running a mile, stopping to do squats at intervals throughout the run. You could space it out with 10 squats every minute. Other running exercises suggest sprinting for 100 meters, and then performing reps of an exercise, like push-ups or burpees. You should repeat the sprinting and exercise anywhere from 5-10 times depending on your workout level.
  1. Sit ups. Cross-fit workouts involve a number of different exercises, and sit ups constitute an important one. A My Fitness Kitchen trainer suggests that you try five rounds of 20 sit ups, 20 burpees, and 20 push-ups  Try doing butterfly sit ups and diamond push ups to switch up the workout. Butterfly sit ups involve placing a towel under your lower back and pressing your knees to the floor on either side. For a diamond push up, keep your hands below your chest in the shape of a diamond. These push ups will work your triceps.There are a variety of combinations with sit ups you could try to get a good workout.
  1. Squats. Squats are another important part of cross-fit training. A personal trainer suggests finding a combination of exercises involving squats. Try sprinting 100 meters, and then doing 15 squats. Repeat five times. You could also try 20 squats, 20 push ups, and 20 vertical jumps, repeated five times. If you’re in doubt, give your personal trainer a call to see what he or she recommends for cross-fit training on the go.

Cross-fit training is intensive, and one of the best styles of workouts you can do. Talk to your Latrobe personal trainer or call us to find out more about how to train on the go. Quick and effective exercises without equipment are just as helpful to your body as the exercises that involve equipment. If you really feel the need for something else, try incorporating jump roping into your weight loss training.