My Fitness Kitchen Suggests Journaling For Weight Loss

journaling for weight loss

For those trying to lose weight, there are many successful tips and tricks that will help you reach your goals. Gimmicks and get-slim-quick schemes abound, and it can be hard to sift through the seemingly endless information to find what best works for you. However one method that may yield long term success in not only weight loss, but also with adopting healthier eating in general, is using a food journal.

This method is used by top diet experts and weight loss programs and there’s a very good reason why- it works! This method is extremely effective for several reasons. First of all, it can be an illuminating experience. When you see in black and white exactly how many calories you consume in one day, and in what form, it can be the strongest motivating factor to stop eating unnecessary and empty calories. It further aids weight loss in that it enables the dieter to accurately and quickly gauge what a serving size is. If you are not keeping track of your consumption, it can be far too easy to exceed the suggested serving size, training your body to expect the larger portion.

Keeping a food journal can also aid you in tracking your weight loss progress, providing much needed inspiration and motivation should you reach a slump. Finally, by using food journaling for weight loss, dieters are held accountable for their food choices. For some, who may only respond to external accountability, this is a blessing in disguise. Some programs require participants to turn in their journals weekly for review, and even if you are not enrolled in an official program, you can swap diaries with a friend to keep you both accountable.

By journaling what you eat, how much of it, and when, you can increase your chances of not only losing weight, but also building strong habits for a lifetime of healthy eating.

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