Get Ready, Get Set…Go!

Are you tired of being tired and feeling slow and maybe even a little older than your years? There comes a time when we have to choose our battles wisely and say enough is enough. I once read somewhere, “Losing weight is hard. Being overweight is hard. Pick your hard.” I think that really says it all…

There comes a time in life that enough becomes enough and you are pressed to find enjoyment in your day to day life. You can’t find the energy for the things you want to do, and you tire easily.

This is where small steps come in. Decide on a path…start small, you don’t have to walk 10 miles down the path on your first day. Some days, just staying on the path will be like hanging on for dear life, and other days (and more often) you will make progress.

Decide to start exercising regularly. Yes, this is hard and you will be tired at first. But what they say about endorphins improving your mood and helping to increase your strength and overall energy levels is true. Be proud of yourself for the exercise you do, even if today its just 15 minutes on the treadmill. Tomorrow or in three days, try for 17 minutes. That’s all it takes, even if the path ahead of you seems unending and you want to rush it along – just a few minutes to start.

Decide to change your eating habits. You don’t have to “diet,” in fact that’s a fast track to quitting and giving up. THIS time is different, so THIS time, you’re just going to start by making wiser choices. Diet soda for regular, or better – water. Smaller portions, not skipping breakfast, cutting down on the fast foods and the “convenience” foods that are really only convenient for adding girth to your backside. Think “real food” and you’ll be on a better path immediately. This isn’t always easy either, but a little prep and planning will save you time, money, and ultimate your health in the future.

There’s immense satisfaction to be gained in this process, along with energy and renewed vitality like you haven’t felt in years! It might be hard, but so it is right now as you read this. Pick THIS hard, and you won’t regret it. Pick the other hard, and nothing changes.

We know this can feel a little overwhelming, that’s why we are here. Our trainers can help guide you at the right pace – not too fast, not too slow. They can help you progress when you might be stuck. Nutrition is a part of all memberships so that you can enhance your fitness experience, not sabotage it, and learn the right way from the start – so you don’t feel deprived, and so you stick with it.

Come in and talk to us. Even if you’re not sure yet, come join in the conversation on Facebook and just get a feel for our community of support and encouragement.

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