Tips in motivating yourself for weight loss success

Most people start their fitness program because of health reasons which is a good way to motivate and encourage exercise. Taking care of one’s health is an important aspect in living well but what do you when you are already in the middle of your program when suddenly you find yourself stuck in a rut and cannot seem to muster the energy to continue? Here are tried and true ways to reenergize that fitness spirit:

Find Inspiration

Read a fitness book written by an author you like or watch videos of people who were at the same state as you and succeeded, becoming healthy and fit. Sometimes all it takes is to hang out with people who are also interested in becoming healthy to revitalize that energy that you once had when you were beginning your health program.

Ask Why

Write in a journal all the reasons that seem to make you stop following your fitness plan. Try to list them all down and provide good reasons to counter them. It could be as simple as the weather that makes you cancel your workouts. Counter that with something like choosing clothes that will arm you better against the cold or heat.

Change It Up

Sometimes boredom sets in when you have gotten used to the fitness program you are following. So try to experiment with it. It could be that running in the treadmill has become monotonous for you, so try jogging at the park. Maybe you’re tired of eating the same foods day in and day out. Try being adventurous with your food and research other alternatives that could make it fun for you as it was in the beginning.


One of the benchmarks of a successful fitness program is weight loss and sometimes no matter what you do, the excess pounds are not going away. This is natural but people who are not accustomed to it lose the motivation to exercise. It is normal to hit a plateau. The solution is to seek a higher intensity of exercise since the body has gotten used to the level of exercise where they once quickly lost weight. A quick shift should have you losing again in no time.

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