Why Aerobics May Be Making you Fat?

Now that I got your attention; let me clarify. Aerobics or cardiovascular (CV) exercise doesn’t directly make you fat; however it can work against you if you are trying to lose fat; get lean when you don’t have a concern for muscle (lean body mass).

A few key facts about cardio exercise and resistance training to preserve skeletal muscle, or as well call it here at My Fitness Kitchen – “Concern for Muscle”:

Cardio exercise

• Cardio is your best source for expending calories per unit of time;

• Cardio also can be catabolic (destructive process of breaking muscle tissue down for fuel) relative to maintaining lean body mass.

Skeletal muscle (Concern for skeletal Muscle)

• Muscle is your metabolism.

• Muscle is where body fat is metabolized (burned) for fuel in presence of oxygen.

• Muscle at rest is more metabolically active, allowing individuals to burn more calories throughout the day when not exercising or at rest.

• Muscle occupies less space than body fat. This is essential if you are trying to lose inches and get thin!

Individuals who only do cardio exercise, because of its catabolic nature, may over-time sacrifice muscle in the process. When this occurs, individuals are basically making their metabolism less efficient to burn calories. This is why it isn’t unusual for individuals who fall into this category to find themselves doing more and more cardio exercise to just maintain their current weight.

This is not to say not to perform cardio exercise; as it plays a key role in losing and/or maintaining weight. Rather this statement is to bring attention to effective body transformation and long-term weight management. This can be accomplished by activating skeletal muscle with progressive resistance exercise in conjunction with your cardio workouts and can be the difference between getting the results you always wanted and spending more time doing cardio exercise while not seeing results.

Another worry with this lack of concern for muscle is when an individual has to reduce their cardio activity due to various reasons (illness, injury, work, vacation, etc.) they gain weight back much easier and quicker because of the less lean body mass and lowered metabolism.

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By Mark Rullo, MS, CSCS, MES. An Exercise Physiologist with degree from Penn State University and University of Pittsburgh; Mark has served on various industry board of directors and committees such as; The Pennsylvania State University Board of Directors Kinesiology Affiliate Program Group, Vice-President of Board of Directors for the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association (MACMA), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Educational Committee and National Fitness Therapy Association (NFTA) State Director of Pennsylvania. Additionally, Mark speaks regionally and nationally for various Fitness Industry Associations (IHRSA, ACSM, AFPA, NFTA, Club industry etc.) and is sought out as the trainer for trainers.