Why You Should Learn to Love Your Core Workout

Ah, your core. We hear personal trainers and other fitness experts talk about our core strength, but what does that really mean? And do we really need to do those core exercises? Your core includes the muscles of your stomach, back, and pelvis. These large muscle groups work together to hold your body up (and in!) all day long. If your workout doesn’t already include core exercises, talk to your personal trainer about working them in ASAP. Here’s why.

  • You use your core muscles for so many different functions. They hold your body up and provide the stability you need for virtually every physical movement, from leaning over to playing your favorite sports. The more stable your body, the less likely you are to develop physical imbalances or suffer from some forms of repetitive stress injuries. If you and your personal trainer are already working on improving your balance, ask about incorporating exercises that also work your core at the same time.
  • Who doesn’t want well defined abs? So you’re striving toward a specific weight loss goal. As you lose the weight, you’ll discover toned and defined muscles underneath. While you can’t specifically target your abs for fat loss, when you get closer to your weight loss goal, you’ll appreciate the muscles that have been hiding there thanks to your core training!
  • Your core workout routine can go wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling on vacation or putting in too much overtime for your regular trip to the gym, you can still do your core workout! Ask your personal trainer to craft a core workout that you can do anywhere. Be sure that you perform each move for your trainer, so that you can get the proper form. Doing each move correctly ensures that you get the most benefits from your workout.
  • Working your core will help you reach your fitness goals more efficiently. As you build muscle, your body burns calories more effectively. The best approach to reaching your fitness goals is a well-rounded plan that incorporates not only core training, aerobic exercise, and strength training, but also diet and nutrition. Each element complements the others, for a holistic approach that’s sustainable over the long term.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your core workout, talk to your personal trainer about shaking up your fitness routine with some core-strengthening moves. You—and your body—will be happy with the results.
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