Does Your Weight-Loss Recipe Include Interval Training?

weigth-loss-interval-trainingWe all work hard to eat right and get the exercise we need. That’s the only way we’ll lose weight and protect our health. But what if you could make your workout more efficient? Interval training is just the way to do that. Here’s why:

  • Less time at the gym means it’s easier for you to make time for exercise. Since interval workouts can combine strength training and cardio, you’ll have more time for other activities.
  • The added intensity jumpstarts weight loss. We often hit a weight-loss plateau, and interval training can help you push past that. It’s easy to change your interval workout to keep your body guessing what comes next.
  • You’ll see results faster. If you’re working to build muscle tone or improve endurance, interval training will give you those results more quickly than you would with traditional workouts—often in a matter of weeks!
  • Interval workouts add variety, preventing burnout and keeping you interested in coming back for more! You’re more likely to stick with interval training over the long term because it keeps you interested and challenged.
  • It’s easy to turn any cardio routine into interval fitness. Rather than jogging, alternate between walking and running. Do sprints in the pool. Whatever you do, simply ramp it up for a few minutes and give yourself a moment’s rest after.

Your personal trainer can give you more tips on building an interval workout routine. Ask about a workout plan that incorporates a variety of activities and is tailored to your fitness level.

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Top Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

 Choosing_a_Personal_TrainerWhether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals. The guidance and expertise of a personal trainer are indispensable tools, so it’s important to choose a personal trainer who’ll work well with you. Keep these tips in mind as you select a personal trainer.

  • Ask about certifications and education. Make sure that any candidate has the proper background to offer advice on fitness and nutrition!
  • Choose a personal trainer who is certified in both first aid and CPR. While obviously you hope never to need these skills, it’s certainly important.
  • Find a Private trainer who has experience in helping others with similar goals. A bodybuilder, for instance, will want a trainer with different expertise than someone who’s interested in losing weight.
  • Consider your own medical concerns. If you’re recovering from joint replacement, or even simply trying to lose baby weight, find a trainer with specific experience addressing these issues.
  • Discuss with any prospective trainer how you’ll monitor your progress together. The best trainers are incredibly invested in their clients’ success.
  • Evaluate for “good fit.” Does your personality click with that of the trainer? Do you feel comfortable with the trainer, and do you feel like the trainer is really listening to you?

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, look no further than your local gym. Feel free to talk to a few different candidates and select the personal trainer who is truly the best fit for you.

Our studio is located in 1025 Latrobe 30 Plaza Suite 127 Latrobe, PA. 15650 you can also visit us at for our schedule and for more information about My Fitness Kitchen you can give us a call at 724-879-8523. Or join us on Facebook and Twitter for added support, motivation, fun, and up-to- date information about our classes.

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Cardio and Weight Loss

Valentine’s Day is coming, and hearts are everywhere! So what better time to talk about cardiovascular health? Cardio is an important part of every fitness routine, yet it’s often misunderstood.

True or False: Cardio doesn’t burn fat.

False; any exercise has the potential to burn fat—depending on duration and intensity. Instead of thinking about how much fat you’re burning, think about how many calories you’re burning. Remember that a pound of fat is about 3,500 calories.

True or False: Brisk walking gives us all the cardio we need.

While it’s true that you can keep your heart healthy by walking every day, this light activity won’t be enough to help you lose weight. And when it’s time to step up the intensity, increase your pace rather than your distance; your body will burn more fat when your body moves faster.

True or False: Running is the most effective cardiovascular exercise.

Running does deliver an awesome boost to cardiovascular health, but other exercises are just as effective. Swimming, cycling, and even in-line skating can get your heart pumping just as much. And these activities may be better options if you have joint problems or injuries.

True or False: Interval training doesn’t add any extra benefit.

Perhaps you’ve been reluctant to try interval training, but it does actually aid in faster weight loss. The bursts of activity make your heart—and metabolism—jump into action.

True or False: Cardio is enough for someone to stay fit.

Cardiovascular workouts are a surefire way to burn plenty of calories and lose weight. But to keep your body in tip-top shape, you’ll still want to incorporate strength training and stretching in your routine.

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GO GREEN – 3 Simple Steps to Fixing your Thanksgiving Dinner Plate

When I am referring to going GREEN with this Thanksgiving Nutrition TIP I am not referring to being environmental conscious. Rather I am referring to being caloric conscious.  With that said, enjoy this great holiday meal; however when doing so follow these simple steps when loading (OK – bad choice of words) your plate and you can still enjoy all of your favorites while at same time reduce the total number of calories.

  • Fill your plate first with as much fibrous carbohydrates.  This will be your vegetables (AKA go GREEN) and fruit.
    • Advantage here is that fibrous veggies are nutritional dense and very low in calories.  Not to mention the additional fiber to add to your satiety (state of feeling full).
    • NOTE:  Don’t be fooled with peas and corn.  Many people think because they are vegetables they are fibrous.  Actually these are starchy carbs and will need to be added to your plate (if room) during the third step.
    • Second add your lean protein source – Turkey
      • Advantage here is that the protein has the greatest “thermic” effect of all the macro-nutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fats), meaning that it requires the most calories to digest.  Studies have shown as high as 25% thermic effect with protein; therefore for example; 100 calories of protein, 25 of them would be used in the digestion process alone.  Additionally as with Fiber, protein contributes to your satiety – another helper in preventing you from over eating.
      • Finally add some of starchy carbohydrates:
        • Although these types (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, etc.) contribute to the “tradition” of Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean it has to be your entire dinner.   Please do not confuse this recommendation in that I want people to avoid starchy carbs.  We need them as they are a vital nutrient; however unfortunately they are costly (higher caloric value) and very easier to over-eat.  Therefore by leaving less room on your plate for starchy carbs, helps you with your portion control while allowing the satiety factor from the fiber and protein to kick-in.

BONUS TIP with this strategy is to EAT SLOW! When you are following these steps and eat slow it enables your internal “fullness” gauge to kick-in.  Generally it is estimated it takes 20 minutes for you to feel full.   To assist with this bonus tip of eating slow, don’t starve yourself in the morning in anticipation of the big meal so that you inhale all the food on your plate in 3 minutes.  Rather create a veggie tray for the meal and snack on them before hand.  If you still need another trick to slow your eating down, try eating with your less-dominant hand.

Bottom line enjoy this day with your family and friends; but be aware of what you are eating.  If you happen to over-indulge don’t stress about it as it is only one day and utilize the days after to correct your weight management formula.  Take Care and see you back in the “Kitchen”!

Recipe of the Week – Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes with side of Greek Yogurt

My Fitness Kitchen

Recipe of the Week

Thursday November 3rd 2011 7:00AM

Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes with side of Greek Yogurt

Presented by conceptEatery2go

They are low in fat, loaded with fiber and protein.  Great for Energy!

See you Thursday morning for a workout and sample our Recipe of the Week!

My Fitness Kitchen – Recipe of the Week – Pan Grilled BBQ Beef Pizza

Sample our Recipe of the Week

Pan Grilled BBQ Beef Pizza

Served with a side of fresh grilled pineapple and roasted almonds!

Thursday October 27th, 2011

5:30 PM here at My Fitness Kitchen

Prepared by Personal Fitness Chef – Rhonda Braatz.

A great example of a how to eat and prepare a  food we all love,

while cutting over half the calories!