Does Your Weight-Loss Recipe Include Interval Training?

weigth-loss-interval-trainingWe all work hard to eat right and get the exercise we need. That’s the only way we’ll lose weight and protect our health. But what if you could make your workout more efficient? Interval training is just the way to do that. Here’s why:

  • Less time at the gym means it’s easier for you to make time for exercise. Since interval workouts can combine strength training and cardio, you’ll have more time for other activities.
  • The added intensity jumpstarts weight loss. We often hit a weight-loss plateau, and interval training can help you push past that. It’s easy to change your interval workout to keep your body guessing what comes next.
  • You’ll see results faster. If you’re working to build muscle tone or improve endurance, interval training will give you those results more quickly than you would with traditional workouts—often in a matter of weeks!
  • Interval workouts add variety, preventing burnout and keeping you interested in coming back for more! You’re more likely to stick with interval training over the long term because it keeps you interested and challenged.
  • It’s easy to turn any cardio routine into interval fitness. Rather than jogging, alternate between walking and running. Do sprints in the pool. Whatever you do, simply ramp it up for a few minutes and give yourself a moment’s rest after.

Your personal trainer can give you more tips on building an interval workout routine. Ask about a workout plan that incorporates a variety of activities and is tailored to your fitness level.

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