Eat a variety of foods for a healthy lifestyle

Everyone knows that variety is important when it comes to a healthy diet.  Not only is eating the same foods every day boring, but it is extremely unhealthy as each type of food contains different nutrients, and different levels of those nutrients.  The best way to eat healthy is to eat a wide variety of foods from all the food groups.
Unfortunately, simply eating foods from a variety of sources is not enough.  It is also important to make smart choices within those food groups.  After all, nonfat yogurt and hot fudge sundae are both dairy products!  The best choice in that situation should be obvious, but other choices are more subtle.

When choosing healthy foods, small changes can make a huge impact.  Simply exchanging fresh, lower fat fish, poultry, or beef for higher fat meats can greatly lower the amount of fat & cholesterol in your diet and increase your level of health.

Replacing highly processed grains for more nutritious whole grain products can also have a great impact on healthy eating.  In nutritional terms, less is often more – that is less processing and less refining, as this process can strip many vital nutrients from foods.

Also important is to limit food portions – there is such a thing as even too much healthy food! Also be sure to limit foods high in sugar and sodium.  That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a  piece of cake or serving of potato chips as an occasional snack; it simply means limiting regular consumption of these high fat, high sodium, hi sugar and overall low nutrition products.

When adopting healthier eating habits, it is important to make changes slowly and that you can stick with for the long run.  After all, a healthy eating lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle.  Eating “clean” not only brings changes to your physical body, but mentally your mind may feel sharper and more focused, your energy increased, and your capacity to process complex tasks improved. Changing your eating habits are not easy, but the many benefits make healthy eating an important habit to get into.

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