Healthy Halloween Treats

Is there such a thing? You may not think so but if you are concerned with your nutrition and fitness, taking time to research a few delicious, healthy alternatives won’t be hard to do. We all need to indulge from time to time, depriving ourselves of treats we enjoy for a lifetime is not a plan for a lifetime, it’s a sure fire way to end up way off track. So- we’ve pulled a few treats together for you in this article! Even living here in Latrobe, PA, these options are sure to be readily available since they are online.

Yup, you can make your own healthy treats for Halloween but for the time conscious, here are some healthy alternatives that you can buy!

YummyEarth sells Halloween organic treats that are USDA certified. What this means is the products that they sell have no artificial ingredients, no artificial colors or dyes, and no corn syrup. Don’t worry about the taste though since the treats are delicious, aside from being healthy.

Try YummyEarth Organic Lollipops – Family Size bags – (about 50 pops per bag) for $7.99 and available in 8 flavours such as Vitamin C Pops, Cheeky Lemon, Strawberry Smash, Very Very Cherry, TooBerry Blueberry. Or buy the assorted pack for your Halloween mix.

Endangered Species Chocolate also sells Halloween organic treats that are all-natural. What’s more, you get to protect endangered species (hence their name) and according to their website:  We are fully committed to providing premium, all-natural, ethically traded, naturally shade grown chocolate products.

Buy Milk Chocolate Halloween Treats or Dark Chocolate Halloween Treats (about 24 pieces per bag) for $6.99. If you are going to buy in bulk try Bulk Dark Chocolate Halloween Treats or Bulk Milk Chocolate Halloween Treats (about 160 pieces per bag) for $44.99.

Natural Candy Store offers organic Halloween treats too. The good thing about their site is their products indicate whether the treats are vegan, gluten-free, kosher or allergen free. You will have an easier time handing out treats to kids who live in your neighbourhood without having worry if it is safe for them to eat.

These two are allergen free, gluten-free, and organic: Party Pack – Natural Candy Mix 1 bag (75 pieces) for $24.95 or 1 jumbo pack (300 pieces) for $86.95 and Trick or Treat – Natural Candy Mix 1 bag (100 pieces) for $19.95 or 1 jumbo pack (400 pieces) for $69.95.

Trader Joe’s is another store that offers many healthy alternatives promising no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, no MSG, no genetically modified ingredients, and no added Trans Fat to all products that have a Trader Joe’s label.

Buy their Halloween special Halloween Joe Joe’s Cookies chocolate wafers that are shaped into pumpkin faces with orange coloured vanilla in between. A 16 ounce box is sold for $2.99

If you like healthy homemade Halloween treats but do not know where to begin, we offer group classes, nutrition education,  and cooking classes – a great way to start polishing up your culinary knowledge. You will not only be cooking and baking treats for Halloween but once you get started with the basics of healthy cooking in the kitchen, you can make treats for any holiday.

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