How Safe Are High-Protein Diets?

Diet fads come and go, but one diet trend that has endured is the high-protein diet. Personal trainers often field questions about the best protein shakes or whether eating more protein will jumpstart weight loss. Check out these answers to some common questions.

Why does protein promote weight loss?

Proteins take your body longer to break down and convert into energy, i.e, to digest. That means you feel full longer after you eat protein, simply because your body takes longer to process it.

Are all proteins the same?

Different proteins have different molecular structures, but all proteins offer the same basic benefits. Experts suggest that you avoid protein from high-fat sources, however, because the additional fat isn’t the best for your heart—or your waistline.

Are high-protein diets safe for the long term?

Many high-protein diet regimens call for cutting out or drastically reducing other food groups. While this approach might fuel immediate weight loss, it’s not a sustainable weight-loss strategy. Your body still needs the vitamins, nutrients, and fiber found in other food groups…including carbohydrates!

Should I eat a protein bar before my workout?

Those protein bars pack lots of punch—in both protein and calories. If you’re a really serious athlete, a protein bar can give you the long-term energy you need for your workout. However, if you’re a more casual athlete, some fruit or nuts a few hours before your workout should give you the energy you need.

What questions do you have about protein as part of your diet or weight loss plan?

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