My Fitness Kitchen Keeps You On the Road to Fitness

the road to fitnessFor many people who live a healthy, active lifestyle, traveling can be a setback in the consistency of their workout routine. But fear not! It is entirely possible to maintain your exercise regiment, at least in part, by following these workout tips when on the road.

For starters, ensure you have the proper workout clothing packed in your carry-on luggage. When you’re in a strange place, the last thing you want to be scrounging for are your running shoes. Having a full workout outfit, from sports bra down to socks and shoes in your carry-on will ensure that you are ready to quite literally, hit the ground running.

Park as far away from the entrance to the airport as time and luggage handling allows. This way, you’ll begin your trip with a brisk walk, and the ensuing hours sitting on a plane won’t feel so much a waste as a cooling down period. Once checked in, do some rounds in the terminal. Having your carry-on in the form of a backpack, while wearing your workout clothing is a good way to do this. No need to work up a sweat, but do keep moving until it’s time to be back at your gate.

Staying in a hotel? Many hotels have in-house gyms that are available free of charge to guests, and many have on site pools that are enclosed, so they can be used all year. If the facility does not have a gym, it probably has stairs, and a decent cardio workout can be achieved by running up flights of stairs, and walking down. Strength training without equipment in the privacy of your room is also a possibility with Pilates or Yoga, or other strengthening moves designed to utilize your own body weight.  You could also easily pack a workout DVD with your laptop! Wherever your travels take you, your exercise regime can follow, if you maintain flexibility and focus.

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