Tips for Sticking With Fitness Resolutions From My Fitness Kitchen

With January 1st right around the corner, many of us are looking ahead at our resolutions. For all too many of us, these resolutions center around our fitness level, and are mostly by the wayside mid-February. Finding fitness resolutions you can stick to can be tough, but it is possible with a few small additions to the resolution making process.

First, when considering fitness resolutions you can stick to, it is important to know yourself and to dream big, but not impossible. There is nothing wrong with challenging yourself, but your goal must remain within the realm of the possible.

Secondly, for overall fitness goals, it’s not enough to just commit to exercise. One must also be committed to sticking to a sensible nutrition plan, with plenty of leeway in terms of variety and favorite foods. Extreme calorie restriction is not only counter-productive to increasing your fitness level, it is also extremely hard to stick to. Practice moderation for a more reachable success rate.

Finally, seek support from professionals or peers. Work out with a buddy, enlist the aid of a personal trainer or consultant here at My Fitness Kitchen, and don’t be afraid to let others know of your progress. Chances are, if you have someone to whom your goals are evident, you are more likely to choose and maintain fitness resolutions you can stick to.

Start small, and as the months progress and your fitness level is elevated, you can add more and more small changes in your diet or exercise regimen, until you achieve your goals. If you integrate these small changes gradually, you are more likely to stick to them and you may find that mid-year, not only have you reached your fitness goals, but you have actually surpassed them! Not only that, but the small changes which were implemented will become a firm habit, making them an integral part of your lifestyle.

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