Weighing Less, Measuring More

Anyone who has had to follow a plan (that’s everyone) knows that you have to track the progress to successfully complete it. Just like any plan, losing weight needs to be tracked too. Why? To gauge where you are in your weight loss program. A guaranteed way to assess if the methods you are employing are effective for you to shed those pounds is to take measurements of your body.

It can be reassuring as well when you need the motivation to stick to your health plan. It is not as time-consuming and difficult as you think. Something as rudimentary as a tape measure can be your only tool and it will be enough to serve all your measuring needs. If you like, add a weighing scale too when you want a quick means to see your progress. A number of times you may weigh the same but if you are doing the things needed to lose weight, your measurements WILL be changing. That is why a tape measure is a necessary is sometimes a better gauge of progress than a scale.

Tips when using the tape measure:

Buy a tape measure that is made of non-stretchable material.When measuring, keep the tape measure levelled to your body while also parallel to the floor.Make sure the tape measure is close to the body without it being pressed down.Relax your whole body or the body part you are measuring. For instance, don’t suck in your stomach when you are measuring your waistline. It will result in a false measurement so let it all hang loose.Take note of your body’s measurements before you begin your exercise program. This way you can see how far along you are in your weight loss.Measure yourself again after a few weeks to determine what you have accomplished. That itself will help you to go on with your weight loss plan.

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