The importance of being accountable

A lot of people are masters at how life works: decisions and actions have consequences. Results, how successful or damaging may they be, are the outcome. Cause and effect is a fundamental concept. Why is it that we cannot seem to apply it to food and health, especially when cravings kick in or the time for exercise is nearing to begin?

It is simple enough you see. Most people feel that food and weight loss is a private thing. So personal that it is only you who can make yourself accountable. But in order to have a successful fitness program, the principle of accountability needs to be integrated, even if you are the only person involved.

But how do you go at it?

Sign a contract

A good way to begin your fitness program is to make a contract with yourself promising to keep true to your decision of eating healthy and doing the exercise you need for your weight management. This is a step most people start with who are trying to be healthy but are reluctant to talk about their weight management program.

The buddy system

Remember kindergarten? You had to partner with someone even if you were just walking. That way, you and your partner kept each other alert. It is the same principle with the buddy system. Some people rely on friends for help when they cannot seem to encourage themselves to abide with their weight management program.

Make sure your buddy is someone you trust and can offer to be the shoulder you need when it seems your fitness plan become too burdensome for you to handle. More than assistance, a buddy is supposed to be someone who can give an honest opinion when you need it and encourages you when you are losing interest in your weight management program.

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