How Does Yoga Increase Weight Loss?

Yoga has been credited with a ton of benefits. Relaxation, meditation, increased flexibility, and muscle tone are some of the most commonly seen benefits of yoga. So how does yoga increase weight loss? Yoga LaTrobe can help you discover the answers to this burning question.

Yoga For Your Body

Yoga has been proven to help regulate the body’s endocrine system, and improve digestion. The endocrine system controls your sleep, appetite and mood. Studies have shown that by the sleep cycle being controlled in a healthy manner that the body’s hormones will balanced as well. When the hormones are balanced, your appetite will improve and so will your mood. In addition to these weight loss benefits, performing Yoga LaTrobe will help regulate your digestive system. By regulating your digestive system, constipation, water retention, and bloating that could be causing you to be overweight will be in better control.

Yoga LaTrobeThe long, beautiful, strong yoga poses strengthen the muscles in the body. By strengthening the body’s muscles, the body’s metabolism is increased. Combining the increased metabolism with the yoga diet is a great way to encourage weight loss. The yoga diet, which Yoga LaTrobe can provide move information on, breaks food into three categories: rajasik foods, tamasik foods, and sattvik foods. Sattvik foods are the ones considered by yoga enthusiasts to be the supreme food group. This category consists of fresh foods that  are prepared with minimal seasonings and spices. People who follow the yoga diet eat the following foods: sprouts, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, raw vegetables, salad, gooseberries, spinach, and papayas. Yoga enthusiasts avoid the following foods: white bread, fried foods, fattening salad dressings, and sugary desserts.

Performing the right type of yoga is key in increasing weight loss. Yoga LaTrobe can introduce you to power yoga. Power yoga takes the focus, relaxation, and mediation involved with yoga, and combines it with nonstop movement. By adding the continuous movement, a cardio element is added to the yoga workout, helping to promote weight loss.

As you can see, yoga helps to increase weight loss though balancing and strengthen the rest of your body. The stress reduction the relaxation and mediation elements of yoga provide, reduce stress, thus lowing cortisol levels, and improving your mood. At the same time this is happening, you are becoming more in tune to your body.  While the long, beautiful, strong yoga poses help to increase muscle strength, which also increases the body’s metabolism. Yoga LaTrobe is a great place to find more ways to use yoga to improve your body, while also helping you work towards your weight loss goals.

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