Quick Fitness Tips: Training Do’s and Dont’s

fitness tipsWhether you’re a novice at the gym or a seasoned weight lifter, you may have questions about training techniques, proper form, and injury prevention. While everybody is different, some principles hold true for everyone.

DO warm up the right way. Warming up not only helps protect your body from injury, but it also enhances your performance. Before you jump right into your workout, take a few minutes to perform some dynamic stretches or a lighter version of whatever activity you’ll be doing.

DON’T ignore proper form, especially while weight lifting. Exercises are performed a certain way to protect your body and ensure that you’re actually using the muscles targeted in the exercise. If you have a question about proper form, ask your personal trainer for assistance.

DO plan out your workout. You’ll waste less time standing around the gym wondering what to do next—which also means you’ll keep your muscles warm more effectively. Planning also means you’re more likely to address all the different parts of your body.

DO give your body time to rest. Don’t’ do cardio and weight lifting on the same day, for instance. Target different body parts on different days, so that each area has time to recover thoroughly.

DON’T be afraid to ask if you have questions! The personal trainers at your gym are a valuable resource, so take advantage of their expertise. They can give you tips on perfecting your workout, help you build a fitness routine, or even advise you on diet and nutrition.

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