Three Tips for Healthier Meals at Home

Many restaurants now provide dietary information on their menu items, making it easier for us to know which options are healthiest or even to find out exactly how many calories a dish has. At home, we have no such luxury! It can be tough to gauge the nutrition of food we prepare ourselves. A few simple guidelines will help you eat healthier overall, even if you don’t know the exact calorie count of the food you’ve prepared.

  1. Go for lots of color. In general, the more colorful your plate, the wider variety of nutrients it contains. Go for vibrant green, red, orange, and even purple when you go produce shopping. Your meals will automatically contain more of the vitamins you need to stay healthy.
  2. Go lean on the meat. Leaner meat has the same protein content—without the extra fat. Fish and poultry will always be leaner than red meat, so opt for these as often as possible. If you simply can’t let the red meat go, save it for one night a week.
  3. If it’s your Achilles heel…don’t even bring it in the house! Stowing that ice cream in the back of the freezer will simply tempt you to eat it. Skip the cookie and cracker aisle altogether, and you’ll find that it’s so much easier to make healthy choices all the time. Even the most iron-willed of us will sometimes bow to temptation—and why put yourself through that in the first place?

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