Top Tricks for Bulking up Fast!

Tricks for Bulking upEveryone has a different fitness goal. Some of us strive to maintain a slim, trim figure. Others are pushing for consistent, steady weight loss. Many people are actually looking to bulk up and build their muscle mass. That last goal requires a much different approach. The right moves—and a few tiny tweaks—can really jumpstart your bodybuilding routine.

  • Single out your arms. Usually we work both arms at the same time. But working each arm individually means that you get a more thorough workout. This is also a great way to ensure that your arms are more balanced; working both at the same time can allow you to compensate if one is stronger than the other.
  • Bend…and flex! When you do standing arm curls, flex your triceps at the end of each rep. That requires extending your arms completely. The benefit? You’ll work your arms through their entire range of motion, giving your muscles a more thorough workout.
  • Be a ballerina. Most of us stand pretty flat footed or press up from the heels when we do leg presses. Try shifting the weigh forward and pressing out of the toes. That little movement will make for a much more effective quad workout.
  • Get a grip. The larger the object you grip, the more arm strength you need to grip it tightly. Wrap a towel around the weight bar to increase its circumference. You’ll have to grip more tightly—improving not only your grip strength, but also working your forearms more thoroughly.
  • Increase your max. If you have a spotter around, this is a great way to increase your max: Increase the weight to about 25% more than your current max. Simply lift the bar off the rack and hold it there for a few seconds. Then replace it on the rack. Wait a few minutes; then lift your actual max.
  • Vary your activities. Using weight machines only will help you build your strength—for doing that particular move. To improve your overall strength, you’ll want to incorporate both barbell and dumbbell exercises into your workout, along with moves like lunges that use your own body as a weight machine.
  • Work out in the right order. When you vary those activities, you’ll also want to perform them in the right order! Start with dumbbells. Then move to barbells and wrap up on the machines. The smaller muscles that stabilize your body fatigue faster than your large muscles. So do the moves that work them first! Machines require the least support from your body, so finish that way.

Your personal trainer can provide more guidance and tips for maximizing your bodybuilding workout. Be sure to talk to him or her before you get started, to ensure that you know proper form—and your body’s limits.

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