Kitchen Watchers

Nutritional coaching for weight loss is right at your fingertips with My Fitness Kitchen’s Kitchen Watchers program.

This program is perfect for individuals who are solely looking to assistance and accountability with their food and need no assistance with exercise.

We provide you with a complete and personalized nutritional formula to help you make the most of your weight loss efforts. You get a customized step-by-step nutrition plan with eight optional meal plans and a recipe guide designed to burn even more fat. This formula is complemented by daily coaching and program accountability to help keep you focused on your goal. Each week, we will reevaluate your progress and your program and make changes as necessary.
Woman's Weight Loss

Nutritional Meal Planning 2.0:

This program is for those individuals who have mastered the 1st phase of the nutritional funnel (caloric management) via the JUMPSTART program and is ready to move down the funnel to greater personalization meal planning. This program is included in any Recurring Personal Training (RPT) or can be a standalone program for individuals just seeking added nutritional coaching.

Permanent and manageable weight loss is a result of a complete and manageable lifestyle change. Let My Fitness Kitchen help to create that for you. Call 724-879-8523 to discuss your options and get a glimpse at the healthy future that is waiting for you.