L.E.A.N.(Livable Exercise and Nutrition)Lifestyle

At My Fitness Kitchen we recognize there is weight loss and then there is SUCCESSFUL Weight Loss. The difference between the two is that successful weight loss is permanent weight loss.

The key to making any weight loss successful (permanent) is that is has to be LIVABLE.

We can’t deny that if you fast for “X” days, restrict from your favorite foods, move more or following whatever fad diet is current that you will lose weight. However the big question is can you sustain that routine for the rest of your life or is it LIVABLE? Unfortunately the answer is NO.

For results to last a lifetime, the programming; both food and activity must be personalized to fit YOU.

How My Fitness Kitchen separates from most other programs and services to make it LIVABLE is that we build the program around YOUR FOODS, on YOUR TERMS not any cookie-cutter meal plan or “diet”.

The same philosophy goes with exercise. Yes we will coach and educate you on the difference type of exercise and its influence on your metabolism. The exercise and activity will be recommended to fit you and most importantly make you feel better. Our objective with exercise is to make you feel better from exercise while supporting your metabolism and weight management goal; not to beat you up.

This LIVABLE Lifestyle is about making every day better NOT try to be perfect each and every day.


One incredible intense workout or one great day of eating will not make you. One day where a workout is missed or you do not eat “perfect” will not break you either.

However, many days of eating to fit your metabolism and being active will MAKE YOU and many days of eating poorly and above your metabolism with no activity will BREAK YOU. Therefore, learn how to WIN the majority and this “Healthy Lifestyle” is much easier and enjoyable.

From a week, month and year perspective do not stress about being perfect rather focus on how to be better the majority of the days.

  • – One week has 7 days, eat to fit your metabolism and be active 4 of the 7 days and you win that week
  • – One month is typically 4 weeks, if you have a bad week (less than 4 days), no biggie, just make sure you win 3 of the 4 weeks and you win that month.
  • – The big picture; on an annual basis if you have 7 or more positive months the year is moving in the healthy direction and you will win that year.

As simple as all this sounds, it isn’t always easy.

Having a support system to keep you accountable and aware to sustaining the behaviors to win the majority is critical and why the weekly accountable “check-ups” are included in every membership or program offered here at My Fitness Kitchen.