Eight Ways to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

fruit and veggieFruits and vegetables are a critical part of our diets. They supply us with a variety of vitamins and minerals, offer a healthy source of fiber, and even provide a sweet alternative to processed sugar. But most of us don’t get anywhere near enough each day! Check out these eight tips for getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet each day:

  1. Set a goal for yourself. Aim to eat one extra serving of produce with each meal. This is a reasonable, easily measurable goal!
  1. Keep fruits and vegetables out where you can see them. Stock a fruit basket for the kitchen table, or put your veggies front and center in the fridge.
  1. Switch it up with new, different items. Visit your local farmer’s market each month to purchase one new fruit or vegetable.
  1. Sneak veggies into foods you already eat. Slide spinach into your burger or add veggies to your favorite pizza.
  1. Prepare produce in advance. Slice up fruit and veggies and put them in containers to take with you for snacks throughout the day.
  1. Do a little dip! Dip your apples into peanut butter or put a dollop of Greek yogurt on your peaches.
  1. When you eat out, ask for vegetables instead of French fries or other starchy sides. And be sure to ask your server to hold the butter!
  1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruit medley or fruit dipped in dark chocolate. You can even splurge and have a little low-fat whipped cream.

Fruits and vegetables not only give your body the fuel it needs, but they also help you feel full longer—they can actually help you eat less! For more tips on diet, exercise, and weight loss, talk to a personal trainer you trust.

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