The #1 Supplement everyone should take

Why the importance of a multi-vitamin (MV)

A multi-vitamin is the cornerstone to any supplement program. It is even more important while striving to achieve a caloric deficit for desired weight loss that you provide your body with the insurance of micronutrients from the multi-vitamin (MV).

A calorie is energy for our body to function. Calories are in our macronutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats) not in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). With this knowledge a multi-vitamin DOES NOT give you energy RATHER provide the mechanism to ensure we get the energy (calorie) from the macronutrients we eat.

The healthier the food we consume, the more vitamins and minerals they have; hence sometimes called “quality calories”. Whereas when we eat less than healthy food (junk food), which are either stripped or voided of their vitamin and mineral content are called “empty calories”.

The best way I like to explain the importance of an MV is in the following analogy.

If you were to build a shed and went to any building supply company to purchase the materials, the materials for the shed are your macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) in your food. The materials are useless if there are no workers to put them together to make the shed. That is where the vitamins and minerals come in.

The vitamin and minerals (micronutrients) are the workers that work with the material. Therefore, in a perfect world, we would eat the variety of the healthiest food all the time ensuring we are getting both the materials and workers all the time. Unfortunately, we all know we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes more than not, we will consume less than quality foods that are deemed “empty calories” which give the body the materials but no workers.

With an effective MV, the body can still function effectively knowing it has this back-up or insurance of workers to make sure we get the desired function out of our macronutrients (Protein, Carbs & Fats).

Now that you know why a multi-vitamin is important and should be the first of any supplement, let me explain how typical mass-marketed multi-vitamins work compared to more sophisticated multi-vitamins; like DotFIT.

If you haven’t notice by now, I prefer to educate via analogies. Therefore to explain how different (MV) works I need you to think of a (MV) as a piñata.

When you swallow your (MV) it travels down through your stomach and enters the intestines. At the intestines is where the absorption occurs. With a typical (MV), when it enters the intestines it is like when a kid hits a piñata and all the candy falls to ground all at once and all the kids at the party scramble to grab as much candy as they can regardless what it is and if they even like the candy or not.

The candies are the vitamins and minerals and the kids are the receptor sites. What happens next is you will have kids (receptor sites) with a bag full of candy (vitamins and minerals) that only likes about 20% of the candy that is in the bag; while the remaining 80% of the candies that the kid doesn’t like ends up being thrown away. The take-away point from this is the more important issue with supplements is not only the quality of the products (vitamin and minerals) but equally important is its absorption rate. Just because you take a pill every day, it does no good if it isn’t absorbed as effectively.

More times than not, what you think you are saving by purchasing a lower cost option you are actually wasting your money due to the fact you are not actually getting in absorption of what you are purchasing.

Now a MV with a more effective delivery system can in most cases double the absorption rate of most of the mass marketed MV available on the market.

How does the more sophisticated MV improve on their delivery or absorption? They recognize the intestine has a varying ph with it being more acidic at the top and becomes more alkaline as it moves down the intestines. Some, but not all vitamins and minerals have a greater affinity for absorption based on a particular ph level.

Calcium, for example, is another essential vitamin/mineral and has a strong affinity for absorption in an acidic environment, which would be the top of the intestines. In the traditional mass marketed MV, it would have the potential to be lost among the other vitamins and minerals since all the vitamins and minerals were released at once.

To minimize the mad scramble described with the traditional mass marketed MV, the better products, such as DotFIT provide a controlled release so that those vitamins and minerals that may have a particular sensitivity to absorption along the intestinal track can be released and have a greater probability of being absorbed.

I personally believe the two hardest things about taking a multivitamin is remembering to take it daily and paying for it. If you are already doing both, then why not make sure you are taking what will be the best for your body, which is what we have here for you in DotFIT. For those who are not taking a daily MV, the next question would be why, now that you know of the MV importance.

Why My Fitness Kitchen is exclusive to DotFIT supplements:

As you may or may not know, we do recommend supplements to individual programs here at My Fitness Kitchen based on your activity, medical history and goals. This profiling is critical to ensure both safe and effective supplementation particularly where any contraindications may exist. Most supplement retailers’ only profiling they perform is method of payment – cash, check or credit card.

When programming, we have three levels of recommendation:

This is worth repeating – basic definition of a supplement is –“in addition to”. Therefore there is NO magic pill. Supplements are only good when they support an existing properly designed and executed nutritional and exercise program.

  • ESSENTIAL – Only products recommended in this category are to fill the nutrient gaps in your diet. For the most part everyone has some type of nutritional gap. Only two supplements would fall in the essential category
    • – Multi-Vitamin (MV)
      • – Active
      • – Over 50
      • – Women’s
      • – kids
    • – Calcium
  • OPTIMAL – Products for those individuals who are looking to maximize health benefits via proper eating and supplementation providing additional support for brain, bone, cardiovascular and joint health
    • – Omega-3 (fish oil)
    • – Anti-oxidant
    • – Joint-flex plus
    • – Advance Brain Health
  • CONDITIONAL – Use these supplements on a temporary basis to help accelerate/maximize your results (assuming you are following your nutritional formula).
    • Weight Loss – Control appetite, boost metabolism and block calorie absorption with science-based product
      • – ThermAccel
      • – CarbRepel
      • – FatRelease
    • Performance – BCCAs, L-Glutamine, Creatine, PRE/POST workout shakes, bars and more
    • Nutrition – Snack smart with controlled meal replacement powders (WheySmooth, LeanMR, Etc..) and bars

I am confident you will not find any other supplement with the safety and effectiveness or better dollar value per serving than what you get from DotFIT.

The challenge for the average consumer is that it is too hard to decipher between what is the best, what is OK, and what is pure junk when it comes to supplements.

For example, since I was speaking of the multi-vitamin above, not all multi-vitamins are the same and it is easy to get fooled just by the price. They can vary from the form (pill, capsule, chewable, gummies), to the content, quality of the content, necessary dosage and delivery system. Therefore even if you match ingredient to ingredient from labels, it still doesn’t guarantee they are the same.

Also what many people do not realize is that when you go to any large chain, (e.g., GNC, Wal-Mart, Sam Clubs, Wal-Greens, etc…) they have 6, 7, or 8 different options to choose from. How do you know which brand is better and best for you? You can ask someone there, but do they know enough to tell which is better and why, and even if they could know which one is best, your next question should be why do they have the others on the shelf if they are not as good as the one they are recommending?

This was recently validated when I interviewed an intern candidate who worked for one of those large supplement distributors. I asked him, what do you do when people ask for help in selecting a particular supplement that is best for them? I was told that they are coached to get them to buy what the stores want them to buy; those that has the largest margin, regardless if it is best for the individual or not. This is just another one of the reasons why My Fitness Kitchen only carries one line of supplements.

At My Fitness Kitchen, we are about helping people achieve results, but never at the sacrifice of our integrity. With the education, research, and development behind DotFIT we are confident you will be getting the best for what your body needs, not just for the sake of taking a supplement.

Bottom line regarding supplements, they can work to assist your program; however more times than not, individuals are actually wasting money by purchasing either unnecessary and/or ineffective supplements.

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