At My Fitness Kitchen® we recognize people have different reasons for their interest toward fitness and nutrition and why one may look for a fitness gym membership.

Typically we see why one would join a fitness gym falls into one of three categories, which we get by asking the following question:

What is the single most important thing you want from a fitness gym membership at My Fitness Kitchen®

  • Solve a Problem; such as:
    • Lose weight
    • Have Pre-existing health issues
    • Improve Sport Performance
    • Need accountability
    • Want personalization and not sure exactly what to do
  • Access to Exercise – Do not have a specific goal; just want to access to exercise.

If reason you searching for a fitness membership is to solve any of the problems listed above, then My Fitness Kitchen is definitely the place for you.

Let’s review our most popular options and find the gym membership that will get results toward your fitness journey. Before we talk about our programs and options there are a few things we would like you to know about My Fitness Kitchen® that makes us different.

Important things that we would like you to know about My Fitness Kitchen® memberships:

  • PRICE GUARANTEE: We promise to never raise your rates as long as you’re a member of My Fitness Kitchen®. Simply stay current with your membership, not allowing it to discontinue and we will honor your current rate for as many years as you wish to be a member here at My Fitness Kitchen®. Any Rate increases will only be applied to new members looking to join the My Fitness Kitchen family.
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: All memberships are backed with a 30-day Money back guarantee. If after 30-days you are not satisfied with your experience and results here at the “Kitchen”� we will refund any money contributed toward your membership and void any agreement. This is a conditional agreement where you must complete our 30-Day recipe of success.
  • 30-Day Recipe of Success Program: This program is two-fold in that it serves as our condition toward our 30-day money back guarantee but also provides an incentive via our enrollment fee rebate for those who continue beyond the first 30 days. Once new member has completed the “Recipe of Success” program within 30-days of their membership, member will receive a 25% rebate on their enrollment fee in the form of club cash to be used on whatever services or products they desire in the “Kitchen”.



At My Fitness Kitchen® we believe in synergy therefore all memberships include all 4 ingredients of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Nutrition
  • Cardio
  • Concern for muscle
  • Relaxation & recuperation

With this synergy advantage and weekly accountability check-ups you can select the membership option that best fits your goals and budget. From a budget perspective it is quite simple – the longer the commitment, better the price!

Our signature intake option is our 30-DAY JUMPSTART

This is the perfect short-term, no obligation program to provide individuals who have failed, have struggled and just frustrated with lack of results in quest for weight loss.

The 30-day JUMPSTART program throws the “Kitchen Sink” at you to eliminate any guesswork, hold your hand each step of the way to keep you accountable to drive results while backed with a 100% Money back guarantee.

This program provides individuals all of our services (listed below) at a bulk discount to JUMPSTART their transformation process without any long-term commitment.

Due to the high volume of personalization and coaching, we strongly encourage all individual to enter via the JUMPSTART program. After completion of the JUMPSTART individuals can then choose the direction and capacity of services below.

Primary Simple Access (PSA) Membership

Are you looking for Group Exercise or just a basic membership access to My Fitness Kitchen®?

This membership is perfect for those who for the most part know what they want to do, how to do it and have the self discipline to sustain a regular exercise routine.

With PSA individuals get full access to the most cutting-edge exercise technology and group exercise classes (e.g., Yoga, Spinning, Zumba, Boot Camps, etc…) and unlimited support and program monitoring via the weekly accountability check-ups.

Individuals can choose between PSA 12 month open-ended agreement or PSA month-to-month membership options.

Both options include a PERK to add other adults (associates) or teens to their PSA membership at a discount. Although Associates and Teens may be added to a Primary agreement at any time, any Associate added to a Primary agreement will follow the term of the agreement of the Primary Member, where as the Teen will always be a month-to-month member. There cannot be an Associate or Teen member without a connection to a Primary member.

This membership is recommended if you do not have any special circumstances such as injuries or limitations which require you have a specific program designed for you.

Within the Simple Access Membership Category we have two Primary Options:

Primary Simple Access (PSA) options

12-month agreement* with month-to-month auto-renewal: “BEST VALUE”

    • My Fitness Kitchen® 12-month agreement is an open-ended agreement. Open-ended means that each membership is obligated for a minimum of 12 months of dues and requires a 40-day notice to cancel**.
    • Personal Diagnostic Assessment with program design overview and metabolic formula
    • Includes all Group Exercise classes (Zumba®, Cardio Kick-Boxing, Body Sculpt, Resist-a-Ball, Cardio Boot Camp, etc.)
    • Includes all Mind/Body classes (Yoga & Pilates)
    • Includes all SPINNING® classes
    • Unlimited use of the cardio coach
    • Unlimited use of the fitness area
    • Includes on-line nutrition technology
    • Payments will be made via electronic funds transfer (EFT) through credit card, debit card or checking account


Month-to-Month agreement*:

      • Month-to-Month agreement is for those who do not want to have an initial 12-month commitment. With no long-term commitment with this agreement a slightly higher rate
      • Requires one month written notice to cancel/terminate** agreement
        • Due to the required notice a minimum 2 month commitment
        • All same benefits as 12-Month Agreement, except SPINNING®
        • Payments will be made via electronic funds transfer (EFT) through credit card, debit card or checking account

PSA + Group Personal Training (GPT):

      • This option is excellent for the individual who need helps with accountability and little extra push with their workouts. Unlimited access to all Group Personal Training sessions (e.g., Sweat Equity, F.I.T) while including everything in the PSA membership.

PSA + Recurring Personal Training (RPT):

      • Anyone who can’t afford not to reach their goal this is the perfect option. With this option, we throw the “Kitchen Sink” at you by including all of the above options plus personalized training sessions each week to drive success.

Nutritional Meal Planning 2.0:

      • This program is for those individuals who have mastered the 1st phase of the nutritional funnel (caloric management) via the JUMPSTART program and is ready to move down the funnel to greater personalization meal planning. This program is included in any Recurring Personal Training (RPT) or can be a standalone program for individuals just seeking added nutritional coaching.


**How to cancel a 12-month or Month-to-Month Membership?

A one month advance notice is required to cancel. All memberships are prorated to start on the 1st of the month, even though My Fitness Kitchen doesn’t bill until the 5th of the month. Therefore we encourage all members prior to joining to plan ahead when they would decide to cancel membership.  For example; if a notice is submitted on December 1st, the membership will have December and January dues responsibility and membership access; whereas a November 30th submitted notice would only have a December dues responsibility and membership access. Usage or non-usage of My Fitness Kitchen® is not a factor in an individual’s dues responsibility.

All cancellation requests require My Fitness Kitchen® official paperwork to be completed and submitted to My Fitness Kitchen® to process – NO EXCEPTIONS. The official paperwork can be located either at the front desk or via the respective pdf document download:

12-Month On-Going Membership cancellation paperwork (pdf download link)

REMINDER – must have completed the minimum 12 payments before providing the cancellation notice or will have to go the early termination route and fee.

Month-to-Month membership cancellation paperwork (pdf download link)

PLEASE include with your cancellation paperwork an updated e-mail address so a confirmation e-mail can be sent to you; otherwise follow-up via phone call.

HOLD OPTION – Perfect for when you know you can’t physically get to the “Kitchen” for at least a month but know will be back!

The HOLD option is $9.95/month. It basically holds your membership status so that you don’t have to cancel your membership completely. One benefit of the HOLD option is prevents you from having to pay any enrollment fees again for when you would want to come back. Another benefit of the HOLD status is that it keeps your DotFIT account open. Therefore basically the HOLD option is good if you know you will be back and/or will want to continue to have access to DotFIT while not using the “Kitchen”. HOLD of membership can only be performed at a monthly increment, NOT via weeks or days. All HOLD Requests will start on the next recurring billing month.

All HOLD requests require My Fitness Kitchen® official paperwork to be completed and submitted to My Fitness Kitchen® to process – NO EXCEPTIONS. The official paperwork can be located either at the front desk or via the respective pdf document download:

MFK Membership HOLD status Agreement (pdf download link)

NOTE: By electing to go on HOLD Status via this agreement I understand this DOES NOT void the membership agreement; but rather suspends the agreement for access. With this knowledge, I understand I will be required to fulfill whatever terms & conditions outstanding, upon electing to go on HOLD Status.

MEDICAL FREEZE – This option is for individual who have been diagnosed as temporary disabled to utilize their membership. This must be acknowledged by a written prescription by physician/medical personnel. Medical FREEZES will stop any recurring monthly billing of dues or allow for credit of dues paid for the term period were not able to utilize membership due to the medical issue. For the 12-month membership, if a MEDICAL FREEZE is presented prior to the 12 monthly payments are fulfilled, the recurring billing will continue until all 12 payments are made. Then once allowed to return (by signed note from physician) the months paid but not able to used will be applied as credit to respective account.

Short-Term Passes – this option is primarily utilized by our out of town guests; but are not limited to this audience.

    • One Month Pass
    • One Week Pass
    • Day Passes