Fork’n Information

A once per month group empowering class on how to better understand and quantify the foods you just can’t live without that may be sabotaging your weight management progress.

Biggest challenge with a L.E.A.N (Livable Exercise And Nutrition) Lifestyle is being able to properly “eye-ball” YOUR FOODS.  Whether good or bad foods, or your traditional family “comfort foods” most individuals struggle to figure out how to make their favorite foods work into a successful weight management program.

This will be a REQUIRED member participation class.  Prior to each monthly session a select group of participants will be asked from the pre-registration sign-up to bring that one food they can’t see ever not eating.  We will then help “MFK” the food by properly defining the nutritional value both in serving and portion.  This simple awareness will be significant to allow for greater accountability to “own” that food within one’s nutritional caloric budget.   Where possible we will also provide tweaks in the recipe to improve the value whether it be less calories, less fat, less sugars or lower sodium to  greater protein and fiber  or as we like to say make it a “Better Bad Choice” for those open to adjusted recipes.

To expand on the empowerment process, the current session group will be surveyed to vote on the most common restaurant they frequent in the area.  We will then select the top restaurant and begin preparing for the next session.  For the next session, we will create a My Fitness Kitchen “cheat sheet” on how to eat out at the particular restaurant while trying to manage your weight.  The cheat sheet may include highlighted entrees with nutritional facts, suggested cooking requests when ordering and pairing of appetizers, drinks and entrees while how to integrate “going out to eat” into your total day meal planning.

In addition to this practical education the class will touch on the weight management nutritional funnel to further add to your empowerment of SAFE and EFFECTIVE weight management.  More comprehension of the nutritional funnel will assist individuals from being fooled by all of the fads, myths that are currently out in the market wasting your time, energy and money in pursuit of your weight management goals.

When:                       *Last Tuesday of every month

Time:                          7PM

Where:                      My Fitness Kitchen

Front Desk / Kitchen area and/or GE room

Cost:                           **FREE for My Fitness Kitchen Members (membership has its privileges)

$15 Guest FEE for non-My Fitness Kitchen members

*Minimum of (5) Five participants are required to pre-register for the respective monthly session to be offered.  Maximum per session is 20 individuals

Pre-Registration is at the front desk.

**Each monthly session requires one-week advance pre-registration and a minimum of a 48 hr (2 day) notice to cancel.  Failure to provide properly notice to cancel will result in a $5.00 charge to your account.

Tentative “Fork’n Information” session schedule for 2016

Month Session Date Pre-Registration Deadline
May May 31st May 24th
June June 28th June 21st
July July 26th July 19th
August August 30th August 23rd
September September 27th September 20th
October October 25th October 18th
November November 29th November 22nd
December December 27th December 20th