Hierarchy of Fat Loss

2 reasons you will succeed or fail when it comes to weight loss



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Motivation is subjective and tied to an emotional reason of why you want the weight loss and brought you to this web site to seek a resource to assist you with your goal.

Direction is the game planning of what you do in terms of what you eat and how you move to drive the weight loss or any other goal you may have.

We recognize this all starts with educating and empowering our mind.

Coaching weight loss is so much more about coaching the mind than any physical workout will do. Hence why here at My Fitness Kitchen we provide and encourage the weekly weigh-in/coaching session to assist with accountability and awareness to your program an on-going empowerment of the “Hierarchy of Fat Loss”.

We can’t out-exercise our fork and when food is used beyond it primary purpose of fuel (e.g., social, stress, etc…) More times than not, we put ourselves at risk for emotional over-eating that will sabotage the best workout you ever will do. Learning how to build a nutrition plan
around your food on your terms and how to manage the other 23 hours is the magic to weight loss not any workout.

Unfortunately the general public thinks success with weight loss come from the workout, when in reality if comes from the coaching the mind not just the one hour per day that you may be exercising.

Here at My Fitness Kitchen, we handle the direction as if we are your WEIGHT LOSS TOUR GUIDES. We leverage evidence base science to put individuals on the most effective route to achieve their goal to minimize any waste of time, energy and money. This pecking order or Hierarchy is paramount if you want to work smart rather than hard in pursuit of your goal.

What makes our program much more sophisticated than most other weight loss / management programs is that we focus on body composition (Fat weight and Lean Body Mass) change over just scale weight change.

This attention to change in body composition allows for greater personalization and weekly on-going adjustments to your program to ensure the program follows our L.E.A.N Lifestyle and is critical to understand “Why it is important to understand difference between fat loss and weight loss” on the scale.

It is worth repeating, the value in having access to weekly accountable (re-evaluation) check-ups so we can adjust your program (food and exercise) based on how your body is responding to the program to ensure focus of the change is loss of useless body fat and not precious lean muscle tissue (aka your metabolism).

In simple terms the Hierarchy of Fat Loss is:

  • Supportive Nutrition – Understanding your caloric formula based on your metabolism and specific weight management goal.
    • When individuals approach us for help in losing weight but then say they will wait a few weeks because they are busy and will not be able to come in and exercise that is the first sign they do not comprehend the science.
  • Concern for Muscle – Muscle is your metabolism
    • Only place body fat is metabolized for fuel is in the muscle cell in presence of oxygen. Loss of muscle is basically aging; therefore, no weight loss program should accelerate the aging process by directly or indirectly promoting loss of muscle.
    • First sign of a poor or ineffective weight loss program is one that fails to monitor muscle.
    • Concern for muscle DOES NOT mean you have to train like a body-builder or power lifter; however it does mean you must progressively challenge yourself with some type of overload to give your body a reason to secure it.
  • Oxygen (aerobic activity)
    • Although the least effective mode of activity for weight loss, this activity is magnified in the presence of activated skeletal muscle and why concern for muscle trumps aerobic exercise when it comes to exercise to support nutrition in a weight loss / management program.

Without going into detail on the science of the Hierarchy of Fat Loss one can now see “Why GYMS make you FAT” in that they simple provide access to exercise with no explanation of the rule of weight loss.

Bottom line, if your goal is weight loss, body transformation and your either have struggled in the past or do not know what to do and will need help being held accountable than “ACCESS ISN’T ENOUGH”.

For help about your weight loss or body transformation, contact the “kitchen” today at 724-972-8060 to “schedule your no-obligation no cost personal strategy session”.