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Physician Referred Exercise Program (PREP)

What is PREP?

PREP is a low-cost program that helps patients take small steps toward creating a regular exercise habit and healthy lifestyle for proper weight-management. Physicians write a fitness prescription referring patients to the PREP program at My Fitness Kitchen®. This prescription includes any recommendations and contraindications so the staff at My Fitness Kitchen® can best tailor a safe and effective program for each individual referred.

What is included in PREP?

  • Private one-on-one consultation:
    • Each individual will be introduced to the four ingredients of a healthy lifestyle and successful weight management program. The individual will learn how to incorporate each ingredient into their lifestyle factoring in availability, limitations, experience and expectations.
  • Personal metabolic formula to make weight loss or management simple and straight-forward.
  • On-line access to nutrition coaching, meal planning and exercise programming
  • Unlimited access as a Primary Member to My Fitness Kitchen® for the entire 30-days of the PREP Program.

Making Fitness EEEEASY:

  • Four weeks of progressive group coaching sessions that focus on both fitness and nutrition.
      • Level (1) – Education “Knowledge is Power!”

    In the first stage of the program individuals are introduced to the four ingredients of a healthy lifestyle, identify the emotional connection providing compliance to a program and clear their minds of myths associated with fitness and nutrition that may be wasting individual’s time, energy and money.

      • Level (2) – Equation “Eliminate the Guesswork”

    In the second stage of the program individuals are given their own personal “recipe” for success. The personal formula eliminates the guesswork of weight management and makes it simple and straightforward so that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved eating the foods they like on their terms based on how they move their bodies.

      • Level (3) – Execute “Just Do It”

    In the third stage of the program all ingredients are carried out and begin to synergize and the benefits of participation increase. This stage is about making this “fitness stuff” a lifestyle and not an event.

      • Level (4) – Efficiency “Making Every Day Better”

    In the final stage individuals learn the importance of progression and how to do it. Progression is essential for the continuation of a healthy lifestyle/weight management program.

Expectations from participating in PREP

  • Overall weight loss of 4-8 lbs* in the 30 days
    *dependent on a daily caloric expenditure which creates a daily caloric deficit of 500 calories or greater.
  • Healthier lifestyle habit. It takes four weeks to establish a habit. This program will enable individual to adopt healthy habits with positive side effects which may include but not limited to:
    • Decreased likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and certain types of cancer.
    • Increased energy level
    • Improved quality of sleep
    • Improved mood

How Patients Benefit from PREP?

  • The patients win by having a no obligation, low-cost opportunity to change their lives in a professional yet comfortable environment with peace of mind that their limitations/risk factors will get the necessary attention.

How much is PREP for a referred Patient?

  • Participants pay a reduced rate for a 30-day introduction to exercise and nutrition. The reduced rate is approximately 25% off the regular 30-day JUMPSTART rate.
  • As a reward for each PREP participant who meets a minimum attendance requirement of 12 visits (average of 3 visits per week) and who decides to continue at My Fitness Kitchen® before the end of the 30-day program, My Fitness Kitchen® will waive the enrollment fee (a $79 value) for a 12 month Primary membership.

Getting started with the PREP Program is Simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Must have a referral/prescription from a physician/medical professional
  2. Contact My Fitness Kitchen® at 724-879-8523 to coordinate your initial consultation.
  3. Show-up at My Fitness Kitchen

How Physicians Benefit from PREP?

  • When physicians / Medical Professionals may not have the time and resources to dedicate to patients when they ask for help relative to losing weight or becoming healthier and physically fit; the Physicians / Medical Professionals win by having the confidence to have a professional fitness referral source to direct their patients for safe and effective programming.

Who oversees the PREP program?

Mark J. Rullo, MS, CSCS, MES
Mark obtained his Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology from The Pennsylvania State University and his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh. Mark previously served on the Board of Directors for The Pennsylvania State University Kinesiology Affiliated Program Group, Vice-President of the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association (MACMA), Pennsylvania State Director of the National Fitness Therapy Association (NFTA) and Educational Committee member for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

As an Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, certified Golf Fitness instructor and Medical Exercise Specialist, Mark possesses the essential professional technical knowledge, and diverse experience to deliver above and beyond customer service that the health, fitness, and wellness market demands for success.

My Fitness Kitchen Testimonial:

“Overweight – Pain-Apprehensive-Frustration”
“I decided I needed to do something to change my path of self destruction. I was plagued with being overweight, painful heel spurs and just plain frustration. My sister-in-law, Karen suggested My Fitness Kitchen. I was apprehensive to spend more money on yet another gym membership. In the back of my mind I’m wondering how a kitchen has anything to do with a gym. Because I trust and love my sister Karen, I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

First things first, I needed to show up. Walked in the door; there’s the kitchen with a very friendly staff. There’s Mark Rullo. Can you say very knowledgeable, patient, kind and excited for me. That’s all it took. Mark listened to my issues. He helped me set realistic goals. He worked out a plan that would help with my exercise limitations. He would introduce me to principles of supportive nutrition. Suddenly I was empowered to change my path to self improvement.

In as little as 5 weeks I have lost 6.3 pounds of body fat. I have gained 1.3 pounds of muscle. I have no heel pain because Mark recommended exercises that would not aggravate my heel spurs. I have met wonderful instructors who listen to my issues and work out any detail I need to promote my exercise plan. I love the spinning, yoga, Pilates and weight training. I love how I feel. I love my sister-in-law and the staff at My Fitness Kitchen for motivating me each time I see them. I LOVE MY FITNESS KITCHEN. Everyone should give it a try, there’s nothing to lose but so much to gain. Thanks My Fitness Kitchen!”

– Diane S