The Secret behind the 4 “Ingredients” at My Fitness Kitchen©

At My Fitness Kitchen we strive to provide each member with an individualized recipe for a “healthier you”. For some, a “healthier you” means a smaller number on the scale. For others it may mean reducing or eliminating medications. While others seek increased energy or increased functionality in daily life. Whatever it is, in order to achieve your desired result without putting your personal health at risk you must address the following four “ingredients”: Supportive Nutrition, Oxygen, Concern for Muscle and Relaxation/Recuperation and leverage the power of Synergy.

    • Supportive Nutrition –
      refers to the food and beverages that you are consuming. How well your body works is directly impacted by the quality of the nutrients you put in it. Also playing a role in your body’s performance is whether or not you are consuming adequate water, how frequently you are eating and the amount of food that you are eating. From a weight management perspective, it starts with calories in versus calories out and moves on to the composition of those calories. It is extremely difficult to out exercise a crappy diet high caloric if your goal is weight loss.


    • Oxygen –
      refers to aerobic/cardiovascular training – anything that gets you huffing and puffing. During aerobic training, the oxygen we breathe utilizes the fat and carbohydrates present in our bodies to fuel our muscles. As if that wasn’t enough, aerobic activities also make your heart stronger and more efficient – consider this type of activity “weight lifting for the heart”.


    • Concern for Muscle –
      refers to weight training to secure your lean body mass. Many people associate weight-training with hours spent lifting in order to get big and bulky. It is that misconception, however, that holds many people back from achieving their ultimate goals because pound per pound muscles takes up less space than fat.

      It is your muscles that burn the majority of your calories daily – that is why we say that muscle is your metabolism. The only place fat is metabolized for fuel is in the muscle cell; therefore if you want to maximize your cardio workouts for fat loss and decrease inches have a concern for muscle. In addition, your muscles allow you to perform your daily activities more efficiently and safely. Finally, from an anti-aging perspective, nothing holds off the ills of aging like maintaining your lean body mass.


  • Relaxation/recuperation –
    refers to the activities in which you engage that restore you. This is the ingredient that is most often overlooked. You can be doing everything else right, but if you are not allowing your body time to rest and repair you will not function at your best. Getting a good night’s sleep is a great first step. Stretching, foam rolling and massage are also great ways to relax. Finally, you want to fit active rest into your schedule – a stroll around your neighborhood or gentle yoga classes are a couple examples of to move your body without putting much stress on it.

In the end it is all about WINNING THE MAJORITY! Doing something more or better today than yesterday; something more or better this week than last week and so on.

We can’t be perfect everyday; however if we can address the four ingredients the majority of the days per week you will win in the long haul.

Finally, remember that “there is no finish line on the road to a healthier lifestyle” so be sure to make this a part of your life, rather than becoming obsessed and running your life. Again the point of the “recipe of success” is to provide you with a greater appreciation of our philosophy at My Fitness Kitchen© and empower you to take control of your personal fitness and nutrition so that you living the L.E.A.N (Livable Exercise and Nutrition) Lifestyle.