Control appetite, boost metabolism, and block calorie absorption with science-based products.

BCAAs, L-glutamine, creatine, pre/post workout shakes, high-protein bars and more.

Multivitamins, calcium, omega-3s, brain & joint support and antioxidants.

Snack smart with flavors like chocolate peanut butter crunch, mint chocolate crunch, lemon vanilla cream and many more.

dotFIT Supplements


At My Fitness Kitchen, we make use of dotFIT supplements to assist in achieving outstanding overall health, in a healthy manner. All dotFIT supplement types offer effectiveness, purity and potency, and the truth in labeling. Ingredient listing and other labeling are always of full disclosure only. The dotFIT difference motto is a pure promise that dotFIT products offer solutions to give you what you need to grow strong and stay strong.

dotFIT Weight Loss

This dotFIT weight loss supplement is more than a basic appetite suppressant, like most other weight loss supplement brands. Our supplements of this type also give your metabolism a boost, while blocking calorie absorption with a specific scientific formula.

dotFIT Performance

Performance supplements made by dotFIT incorporate creatine and l-glutamine, as well as pre and post workout additives and more. From flavored shakes and drinks, to energy bars, dotFIT performance products will greatly enhance your physical health performances. dotFIT Health & Nutrition Our dotFIT health supplements are a great general boost for all of your body’s systems. From providing omega 3’s, calcium and multivitamins, to providing joint support and antioxidants, this supplement is a smart choice for seekers of good health.

dotFIT Product Paks

DotFIT product paks are a great way to create your own unique supplement plan by combining various dotFIT products. Safely using more than one supplement appropriately to assist with increasing your level of health will improve your results so that you can meet your goals sooner and stay there.

No matter your specific supplement needs, our dotFIT products used at My Fitness Kitchen provide a variety of specialized options to make way for customizable plans that meet all of you individual needs. Call our fitness staff today for more information on our available dotFIT products, or for advice on which supplements are the best fit for you.