How Cardio Exercise can Help with Weight Loss

cardio exercise and weight lossIf your exercise goal is weight loss, consider the benefit of cardio exercise to add a heart-healthy component that will help you burn a lot of calories in a relatively short time.

It’s no secret that you have to burn more calories you consume if you want to lose weight. Any kind of exercise will burn calories, but cardio exercise in particular aids in weight loss because it’s something you can do every day; strength training requires a break in the routine to give your muscles time to recover.

With the right coordinated approach to weight loss Latrobe residents can lose their excess weight, pump up their cardio routines, and see consistent improvements in overall health.

Why add Cardio to Your Weight Loss Program?

When you begin a cardio exercise regimen, you’re automatically boosting your weight loss potential. Cardio exercise by definition means your body is working harder than usual. Raising your heart rate means your blood is pumping faster, your lungs are working harder, and your metabolism is kicking into high gear, making you breathe harder and sweat. All good!

Cardio exercise makes it easy to burn more calories to aid in weight loss. Instead of adding more weight or taking on extra reps, all you have to do is intensify your cardio workout. There’s another benefit: when you cut calories with exercise, you don’t have to cut as deeply into your dietary intake. Eat your regular healthy meals, pour on the cardio exercise, and watch those calories burn!

How to Begin Cardio-assisted Weight Loss

  • Ease into it! While the American Heart Association suggests a 60-minute regimen of moderate-to-vigorous cardio exercise most days of the week, if you’re just starting out you may find a 30-minute cardio workout three or four days a week is better for you. Work your way up at a pace you can handle.
  • Start with activities you like! If you enjoy your cardio exercises, you’re more likely to keep up with your routine. Remember: sustained weight loss requires sustained effort, so you’ll want to develop a cardio routine that you’ll be happy with for a long time.
  • Try to select activities that involve impact. You get better results from walking, jogging, or jumping rope than from bicycling or swimming. If impact activities are painful, due to arthritis or injury, you can increase the results of a low impact activity like swimming by walking around the pool instead.  The buoyancy of the water means you can exercise longer, work your muscles, get your heart pumping and still be comfortable!
  • Take a whole-body approach. Cardio exercises that incorporate upper- and lower-body work can get your heart rate up quickly, sustain that rate, and burn more calories.
  • Mix it up! Cardio exercise is only one part of an effective weight loss program. Combine it with strength training a few times a week and a healthy, low-calorie diet.

By adding a smart cardio workout to their plans for weight loss Latrobe residents can enjoy real results that last.

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