Holiday party survival guide for your health and fitness goals

fitness goalGet ready! The Holidays are upon us and if Halloween didn’t bump up your craving for goodies, then there’s nothing like Thanksgiving, Christmas and a host of other holidays to get your taste buds in gear. However, before you throw everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve down the drain, stop for a moment and focus on a plan that will help you get through the Holiday season without the added pounds and the guilt. First, draft or revisit your health and fitness goals. Be sure to identify exactly what your motivation is this year and how much weight you are trying to lose.

Find out the exact steps you need to take to reach these goals. Are you currently doing each of these? If not, how are you going to motivate yourself to get it done? These are all questions that will help you stay focused or get back on track with the plan you have outlined for your weight loss success. While those gorgeous trays of holiday food are being passed around you’ll be able to enjoy much of what is there however, if you remember your mission, you’ll also be able to know what you need to reject. Don’t be surprised when you lay eyes on that pumpkin pie or that red velvet cake. Remember the overall objective of what you are looking to achieve. The good part is, once you start eating right, you’ll crave the right way to eat. Stay tuned into what’s going into your body, even if it’s at a holiday party. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to consume it.

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