How to Keep a Nutrition Journal for Weight Loss

A nutrition journal is a place where a person records the details of his or her food intake each day. Some commit to weight loss for a few months, while others must commit longer for the sake of their health. Take the following steps to keep a diet journal to drop the pounds and keep ‘em coming!

The first step to keep a nutrition journal for weight loss is to choose the form of your diary. Most individuals assume that only a small book, tablet, or notepad can “count” as a journal; however, even a cell phone, PDA, computer, or an iPod with a notes section can count as your journal.

Once you select a journal source, the next step to keep a nutrition journal for weight loss is to record everything about your nutritional intake for the day. You should record everything from what you eat, to how many servings, the occasion of the meal (whether time of day or special occasion), whether or not you violated your diet plans, and your overall mood. Recording all this data will show you the connection between your diet and your mental state and surroundings. At the end of the day, reread your notes and think about whether or not you “stayed the course” or drifted far from it. Decide what improvements you need to make and commit to them for the next day.

Lastly, use your nutrition journal to pinpoint areas in which you falter. Each person at some time will fail his or her daily diet. Still, failure is important when it comes to your diary—not only because it shows you that dieting is a hard discipline, but also because failure helps you understand the problem areas in your fitness lifestyle. This may be a problem right away, but over time keeping a nutrition journal.

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