It’s Time to Lose the Baby Weight

Baby weightIt’s normal to gain 25 to 35 pounds during a pregnancy, and even more if you have multiples. Losing the weight after your baby is born can be quite a challenge; the baby puts new demands on your time and your body doesn’t feel like it used to.

But leaving the weight on can increase your risk for diabetes and other health conditions—and increases the likelihood of complications during a subsequent pregnancy.  It also ups the odds that your next child will have diabetes and trouble with weight.

Here are a few tips for shedding the baby weight:

  • Maintain a healthy diet. Just as you worked to eat well during pregnancy, keep up those habits! It can be tough to cook healthy while caring for a baby, so enlist help or make meals ahead of time whenever you can.
  • Sneak in bursts of physical activity whenever you can. Even pacing while you comfort a crying baby burns calories! Invest in a lightweight jogging stroller for walks, jogs, or runs.
  • Keep easy, healthy snacks on hand. Nuts, dried fruit, and yogurt are all great choices.
  • Don’t be afraid to “get back in the game.” If your doctor has cleared you for physical activity, jump right back in. You may have to take it a little slower at first, but be patient with yourself!
  • Enlist assistance. Get with a personal trainer or join a group fitness program. The added accountability and social elements will help keep you motivated.

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