F.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Successful

In our daily communication with our weight loss clients, we typically conclude with…”Keep the Focus”. Obviously it is meant to remind them to keep their goals and Y-Factor in their thoughts so not to get distracted and perform unwanted behaviors that will sabotage their program. However the word focus has another purpose in that it is an acronym to remind them to trust the science.

FOCUS – is an acronym for Follow One Course Until Successful.

This F.O.C.U.S acronym is a term we use here at My Fitness Kitchen to remind our clients when it comes to fat loss and body transformation to trust the science, be patient and persistent, and do not jump ship for any of the latest fads, gimmicks or myths.

In all the years and thousands of individuals I have worked with weight loss and body transformation, one of the common denominators for those who were not successful is that they either jump from one “diet” to another or mixed them rather than being patient and actually allow the process to work. The science is rather simple; which we refer to as the “Hierarchy of Fat Loss”.

First and foremost for any weight loss to occur, it starts with management of calories. How you manage those calories (e.g., no carbs, do not eat after 5PM, paleo, etc…) is directly or indirectly driving individuals to eat less total calories. At the end of the day, if you consumed more calories than your body needs, there are no special foods or exercises that will erase that surplus of calories.

Because weight loss is this simple in that it is consume fewer calories than your burn, most diets and weight loss programs try to make it more complicated. This complication occurs by either recommending the elimination of a particular macronutrient (e.g., carbs) or following a specific meal plan to make as if their program is special. However the bottom line with all of these programs is if you counted the calories of each of them and are aware of your total daily caloric expenditure (not just a one hour workout caloric expenditure), those that are successful have you eating fewer calories than your body needs. This process creates a caloric deficit resulting in your body using stored calories (fat cells) to replace the shortage. With one pound of fat equaling 3500 calories when an individual accumulates a NET 3,500 caloric deficit, they will lose one pound on the scale.

In the “Hierarchy” after caloric management, exercise – more specific resistance training is second followed by cardio exercise in the hierarchy pecking order of the most efficient path toward weight loss. Yes you read that here, cardio is the least effective means for weight management. Least effective doesn’t mean you shouldn’t perform any cardio, rather just be aware that you will need more time and frequency (days per week) if you are going to rely on cardio as your only exercise source for weight loss.

As you can see, the Hierarchy is one simple course everyone should be able to follow. Not too complicated; so why then do people mess with the formula and create their own frustration? That is easy to answer – Lack of patience and ignorance.

People want instant gratification. They don’t care that the weight they want to lose may be the accumulation of years of over eating. People want the weight off yesterday. With some of the misleading “diets” and programs being marketed claiming unrealistic weight loss I can understand why many fall for this hype and look to cut corners and abandon the most efficient plan for long term weight management or as we call L.E.A.N (Livable Exercise and Nutrition) Lifestyle.

Ignorance is the fact that most people complain “lack of time” but when they look to lose weight the first thing they think to do is cardio (walking, running, zumba etc…). As the Hierarchy proves, this is the least effective mode in the weight loss process, yet people will ignore the science change the course of action – aka Lose the FOCUS.

Therefore if you truly want to become successful with a weight loss program (lose it and keep it off) establish the necessary FOCUS of the “Hierarchy of Fat Loss”, otherwise you will be riding the weight loss weight gain roller coaster the rest of your life.

I wish it could be more complicated than the “Hierarchy of Fat Loss” to validate my undergraduate and Master’s degree but it just isn’t. Rather the complexity comes from accountability and self discipline to manage your caloric formula, having concern for muscle and finding ways to become more aerobic active than sedentary.

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