First Mistake in Weight Loss

Some point in time, most people make an attempt to lose weight. The reasons are numerous; look good for swimsuit season, wedding, special event or for health reasons. Regardless for the reason to start a weight loss program; unfortunately for most, their first decision is not always the best decision.

For individuals who are ready to embark on a weight loss program and a positive lifestyle change I wanted to share one of the biggest reasons why individuals fail with their weight loss goal as well as provide a suggestion to increase your chance for weight loss success.

Biggest Mistake – Joining a gym

You must be thinking I am out my mind. If you are serious about losing weight and have struggled and become frustrated with trying to lose weight in the past, then a gym membership may not be the best solution.

Do not get me wrong, exercise plays a role in the process, but is second fiddle to nutrition. As we say at My Fitness Kitchen; “Get fit in the gym, LOSE WEIGHT in the KITCHEN!

Individuals who are not sure what to do, how to fuel their body, struggle with motivation and need accountability having a membership to a place to exercise in hope that it will work more times than not falls short with the targeted weight loss. Can’t expect to out-exercise your fork!

Gyms merely provide access to fitness equipment and exercise classes and more often this access is simply not enough for individuals seeking to lose weight and keep it off.


Just look around, we have more gym membership or workout facilities options available to choose from than ever before from the big box gyms and franchises to the independent gyms, YMCA’s and niche (cross-fit, jazzercise, sport-performance, yoga, etc..) studios.

According to IHRSA (International Health Racquet and Sports Club Association) there are more clubs, more members and even greater utilization (workouts) among the members than at any other time in the fitness industry history.

Additionally the USA Today recently (December 10, 2014 – Jayne O’Donnell) reported on the America’s Health Rankings that “Americans got fatter last year” that obesity rate increased from 27.6% to 29.4% of adults.

Therefore, if belonging to a “Gym” is supposedly the solution to lose weight and we have more “Gyms” to choose from, more individuals (members) belonging to gyms and the most utilization than ever before then WHY as a society are overweight and obesity rates increasing and not decreasing? The answer is simple; gyms are not the answer for weight loss.

I could go on and on about how gym memberships are not a solution in the weight loss battle but that isn’t the only point of this article. Actually, if you would like more information on specifics of this point, please feel free to e-mail and we will be happy to forward a previous article on this topic – “Why GYMS make you Fat”.

With the information above, I just wanted to make individuals aware so they do not put all the eggs (time, energy and money) into one basket (gym membership) when it comes to seeking a solution for weight loss. Also this is not to discredit the value of “Gyms”; rather just bring to light that access to exercise isn’t enough for when it comes to weight loss.

If joining a “Gym” isn’t the best option to achieve weight loss, what then should someone do to lose weight?

For individuals to become successful with weight loss they need a plan of attack. Unfortunately, most individuals have no clue what to do in terms of how much and what food to eat to drop weight and keep it off, yet alone what exercises to incorporate to maximize their metabolism.

Having access to exercise or joining a “Gym” can be part of the plan but only after few other variables are understood. The first step of any weight loss program requires personalization and accountability.

The number one priority in this personalization process for effective weight loss is having an assessment done to determine your metabolism and mindset. This one step is the difference between controlling the weight loss process to just hoping for weight loss. If you are serious about wanting to lose weight, take the time to meet with a professional that can help you figure out what your metabolism is and who can explain what activities and behaviors can hurt or help your metabolism.

Once you have a better understanding of your metabolism you can start the process of building the strategic plan. The plan should take in consideration how you can manage your metabolism both via nutrition and activity based on your availability of time, limitations (physical, work, family, etc…). Balancing these variables into your plan is critical if there is going to be any chance of winning the weight loss battle as well as making it long-term and livable unlike the quick-fix fad diets.

With this information collected, then you can set realistic time frame of when you should reach the desired goal. No program should try to push a square peg in a round hole. You see this with cookie-cutter caloric meal plans made available with boot-camps, gyms and info-commercials; that include foods you would never eat even if you had a gun to your head. I do not care how good and healthy a food is; if you hate a particular food you will not eat it. The nutrition has to be built around the foods you are already consuming while coaching you on how each are different and will fit into your nutritional formula. There has to be customization of the exercise program (frequency, intensity and exercise selection) as well. Yes some exercise are more effective than others; however any exercise performed safely is 100% better than the best exercise not performed.

This personalization also requires accountability. Having communication between you and another professional over a period of time (30-60 days minimum) creates the best foundation for success. During this period there should be weekly monitoring to make the necessary adjustments into the program (nutrition and exercise) to fit the goals of the individual while also matching their lifestyle. In addition to the weekly check-ups, daily communication plays a huge role both with accountability and empowerment. This strategic planning period is the perfect jumpstart toward the most safe and fastest weight loss that can last a lifetime.

If you are serious about achieving a body transformation goal, then you need a program, as any goal without a plan is really only a wish!

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