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The products will work as claimed
We must match the ingredients, their forms and amounts, and dosing instructions shown to be effective in clinical trials using 3rd Party studies
If we make it, it works.


The products are safe as recommended
History of ingredient safety and shown safe in clinical trials
Nutrient synergy with diet and other products to assure no nutrient overages or adverse events
Medical screening
Only those that achieve Safe and Optimal Nutrient Range
Following instructions guarantees safe & ideal intake.

Purity & Potency

Purity: Free of contaminants or impurities
Potency: Ingredient amounts are exactly as on label
Manufactured in pharmaceutically-licensed FDA-regulated and NSF Certified for Sport facilities following cGMPs
Multiple 3rd party tests from raw material to finished product
What’s on the label is tested to match what’s in the container.

Nutrient Delivery

Ingredients hit their targets
Delivery goal determines use and dosing of tablets, capsules or powders including co-factors
Controlled-Release (fast to slow)
Proper forms based on clinical research
The right nutrients, at the right place, at the right time.

Truth in Labeling

Full disclosure
Legal accurate product claims and potential precautions
The Supplement Reference Guide (SRG)
Professional peer review-style document available to everyone (, features over 1,360 references)